Carpet Cleaning Technician

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Carpet Cleaning Technician

This can be the professional that you hire to wash your carpets. They may work to get a carpet-cleaning company or be self-employed. To be able to act as a carpet cleaning tech they must truly have a number of abilities. They have to understand how different carpeting react with different substances and knowledge of all different types of carpet fibers. Their job duties would be determined by which company they worked for or if they were self employed.

Many work for small businesses that clean residential dwellings. To do this work you must have the technical abilities for cleaning all kinds of carpeting. In addition you need to possess great customer support skills. Generally when you do residential carpet cleaning since it is a home you will visit your home and work on your own. The company might need you to sell additional services if possible such as upholstery cleaning. It is important that you’re physically fit as you’ll be hauling carpet cleaning equipment from the company van or truck to the house and after that moving it about on the carpets. These machines could weigh just as much as fifty pounds. You may even have to navigate stairs. Determined by the extent of the carpet cleaning job, you could possibly do three or even more jobs a day.

If cleaning carpets in eateries this might need afterward to work after midnight. They may also work evening and weekend hours the daytime. These jobs may employ teams of two or more technicians because they might be many offices or stores to clean. When working for a business that is small a carpet cleaning technician might also answer telephones, sell additional services, book appointments, and complete paperwork. They might have to take good care of regular maintenance of the business vehicle.

There are courses they can take for several types of carpet fibers, specialized training in chemical treatment, and customer sales and services. Their technicians will be sent by some employers to the courses or they’ll have to take these classes on their own. In the United States, the certifying body is the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification. To get this certification pass an examination and you’ve got to take courses.